Thursday, April 29, 2010

50 FIRSTS #20 -- 20th Century, Here I Come!!

This almost counts as 2 new 50 FIRSTS -- tonight I Skyped for the first time AND it was part of a conference call. Yep, Lesley and Jaime ushered me into the previous century, as we spent an hour or two making the final decisions about this summer's NSF-REU Fellows. It was a painful process (choosing, not Skyping) - but in a good way - lots of exceptionally qualified applicants! Occasionally Matzel contributed to the 'conversation'.


j's mom said...

Hard to believe you've never done a conference call before.

Sue said...

I've done conference calls - tho' admittedly not often. And never via Skype. So, it counts in the "firsts" column ;-)

j's mom said...

I see now. I did not realize it was Skype and Skype conference calling. I thought it was conference calling in general. Either way, two more firsts is great. Keep checking them off the list.