Wednesday, June 2, 2010

iPad: Fun AND Useful

I am using a wireless keyboard with my iPad for the first time, and have to admit, this became not just a fun toy, but a useful tool. With the AV adapter, it allows me to show my lectures (translating from PPT to Keynote pretty easily) in class without having to lug my laptop around. The bluetooth keyboard weighs nothing, so even carrying that is still a substantial net gain in portability.

While it won't replace a laptop or desktop for extended work (or adding skeleton action figures, of prime importance ;-), it will be great in the classroom, for travel, and for my old eyes when searching the web in the evening or Facebooking while petting a cat or two and watching TV.

Yep, total and complete and utter decadence. I fully admit it.

(action figure to be added later ;-)

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