Monday, August 20, 2007

Too Good to be True

First, congratulations go out to Alicia C. who found out that she got a Fulbright Fellowship to Bangladesh!! Gonna be kinda hard to get Vermont Cheddar there, but she's looking forward to it nonetheless ;-) Yeah Alicia!!

As to my exciting day...a Stargate SG-1 AND Star Trek marathon!! Does it get any better?? I had meetings and couldn't really watch 'em, but it did my heart good to know they were on ;-) (please note how I snuck my daily skeleton into the Star Trek reference...)

Today I found a petition by the NCSE (National Center for Science Education) to protest the Creation Museum (check out the Aug 12th posting below if you haven't seen the pictures from this place). I've included the website below if you'd like to post your signature:


MMK and YMR said...

Unfortunately they only want signatures of professionals from Ohio and 2 other states, an odd limitation. Perhaps if a major industry funded such a nutty project, their contribution should be challenged?

Yorke said...

Glad to hear that Fulbright realized the error! Good luck Alicia!

Sue said...

Yep, she was a first alternate - which in my experience usually gets picked to go. But the Bangladesh deadline was so much later than the rest of the Fulbrights, that their final confirmation was likewise late. I'm glad she could still go!

As to your comment about major contributors to the Creation un-Museum, I've stopped drinking Diet Coke as a result of the visit. The museum left a bad taste in my mouth...and since Coca-Cola is its major sponsor, I've decided to associate that "taste" with their products.