Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whale Farmers

Yesterday, NPR's All Things Considered ran their weekly segment "Letters from Our Listeners", where people wrote in to complain about/praise an earlier story about dry-land whale farms. It reported on farmers in Illinois who raised pods of whales in order to use their body parts -- blubber for fuel, the bones for building projects like front porches, etc. One farmer was interviewed about a pod he'd taught to sing whale-song in 3-part harmony. Some viewers complained about the lack of harmony, others about the misuse of bottom land for whale pods, and another about the fact that these farmers wasted the blowholes so shouldn't be claiming complete 'recycling'.

It sounded real.

But it was April 1st.

Today's real segment of "Letters from our Listeners" was loaded with complaints about the cavalier way the story was reported, about the horrific farmers who would engage in such practices, etc.

It worked. Pretty funny.

Here's the link:

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