Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Catchin' Up

I've been delinquent again. So here's a catch-up email.

1). Happy Cinco de Mayo.

2). I recently moved my office to a more central location. I was tucked back in the corner of our "pod", which admittedly is what I requested 10 years ago. But of late I've felt a bit isolated, and got tired of 'spying' on everyone as they ventured to the restroom. My new office, while notably warmer (a minus), is closer to 'the action', the printer, and has a view of the Dome. As importantly, I can easily see if my Jeep is being ticketed in the spot where I often illegally park ;-) The pictures below are of my crack moving crew:

3). Wiley went to the vet for grooming earlier this week. They sent him home with a bow in his hair. Definitely required a photo for Jaime and Yorke, his arch-nemeses. When he first saw me he meowed in a way that can only be interpreted as yelling (turned the heads of a few techs) - saying, I'm sure, "get me the hell out of this carrier and take this frackin' bow OUT of my hair!!!"

4). And, since I'm in 'cat lady' mode, here are a few cute shots of late. The first picture is of Lemur sunbathing (literally and figuratively). The next is he and Wiley hanging out together, and the final shows my very attentive 'helpers' while I'm eating dinner.


MMK and YMR said...

After seeing the reflection in His Royal Evilness' eyes in that photo with the bow, I suggest that you sleep with the door closed and one eye open.

Alicia said...

A *warm* office? That would make cleaning all the more fun!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you refreshing your blob. Thanks for the good wishes on Cinco de mayo, but do you know?

In 1773 the #1 condiment in the colonies was Mayonnaise enjoyed by the locals having found tomatoes for their BLT sandwiches. In 1774 the British instituted a tariff on all arriving condiments as well as tea and the colonists rebelled on May 5, 1775, sinking the Condiment Ship HMS KRAFTFOOD - shouting the now famous words, SINKO DA MAYO - SINKO DA MAYO! The moral of this saga is, no (or even stinking) representation in government is not good for mayonnaise, home sales, banks, or old peoples retirement accounts.

Warm regards.
Sven, Professor Emeritus - Revisionist History - University de Liberaltius

Jaime said...

I think Sven is jealous of Wiley's pink bow, and would like one himself. And then both of them need red capes. Just like the one I had allllllll planned out for Wiley.

Sue said...

Poor misunderstood Wiley (and Sven). For the record, it was a red bow; I'm not sure he could've handled pink. Lemur laughed at him as it was ;-)

Sue said...

...ok, so maybe Sven is not so misunderstood...;-)