Monday, August 16, 2010

Inner Bedouin Day 2 -- Jackhammer ride to Jackson

Today we drove from Madison, WI to Jackson, MN.  Right near our KOA, we saw our first "big cow", as per Roadside America's "Big Bovines" list.  Jaime noted the injustice of the Burger King/McDonalds backdrop.

We also passed a huge windmill farm.  Kinda pretty, not sure I understand the hub-ub about how they 'disrupt the landscape' as is often noted.  Jaime pointed out that they seem no "uglier" than power lines.

We stopped for gas at a Superamerica station which fascinated Jaime, leading her to sing a "Team America"-like song with each one we passed from that point on.  It also held enough fascination for her that she took a picture of it, so I include it here.

We later unduly pondered a sign that advertised a "4-D Movie Experience."   Since the 4th dimension is time, we concluded that all movies are 4D since about 2 hours pass.  But we doubt that's what they meant.

We crossed the Mississippi river today.  Surprisingly long climb back out the valley, first real test of the Jeep's towing ability.

Our "growth opportunity" for today came after we parked in the Jackson, MN KOA (a GREAT campground).  As I was getting the camper set up, I noticed the sway bar was hanging on by one hook.  Apparently the pin that held the other end in place had fallen out.   Which suddenly made our very bouncy ride for many many miles make sense.  It was ridiculously bouncy at times, which caused many a chuckle on the drive.  But not so funny when we realized the reason.   And even less so when we found that no one had the pin we needed to fix it.   So, RV-lesson #2 -- carry along extra parts.

Fortunately RV-lesson #3 -- people camped nearby are very very friendly - also occurred as a result.  Had some super nice folks next to us.

The cats grew accustomed to their Road Warrior status pretty quickly.  The first picture is of Wiley checking out the campground while we registered, the second is of my Lounge Lemur, comfortably ensconced on the windowsill next to Jaime's foot.

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