Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sad day last week when we lost Matzel.  He's been suffering from kidney failure for some time, which required 3 pills a day and a subcutaneous IV every 36 hours.  Although he still had a good appetite, he pretty much just snuggled with me, went to the bathroom, then back to sleep.  On shakier and shakier legs.  I finally had to decide if he could make the long drive out to Seattle with us, and it just seemed too stressful.  He was good for at most a few more months, and those months would have been spent driving and moving to a new house, etc.   So, the vet came to the house to put him to sleep.

Definitely shed many a tear of the last week.  He was a pretty constant little companion for 17 years, and much loved.  I miss him.

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Yorke said...

So sorry to hear this Sue (and realize I'm late to say so), he was such a sweet guy. But he had the best of life.