Friday, July 11, 2008

Kittie Caper

I left a shopping bag on the kitchen floor tonight, that apparently turned into a cat toy. I could hear playing in the kitchen for some time, which seemed to increase in intensity while I listened. Then all of the sudden three cats started flying around the house, in line.

Turns out Lemur got his head caught in the handle and managed to wiggle both front legs thru too. That led to panic...on his part, but also the other two, who he seemed to be chasing all over the house.

I closed him in my room and managed to get the bag off (trying not to laugh TOO loudly), the poor little guy was scared silly. I went back out to check the 'damage' to the house, there was barely a rug left in place.

I opened a can of cat food to give them a midnight snack, and even that didn't bring the three of them out from hiding for some time (yes, even Wiley).

Whew! It's tough being a cat!

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