Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lemur PTSD

I took Lemur to the vet, and Mr. Mild Mannered kittie totally FREAKED!! They eventually had to wrap his legs in a blanket and muzzle him. Made my heart hurt, he was terrified.

The vet thought it might be because he doesn't like needles, but since this is only his 2nd visit to a vet, seems unlikely. The tech held him by the scruff of the neck pushing his face into the table, which seemed a logical hold, but I think that might have been what set him off. Maybe he got stuck in a similar position during his first year out on the mean streets. Don't know, but something clearly scared him silly.

When we got home, I opened the carrier and he flew into the guest bedroom (where he stayed when he first came to the house). I guess that's 'base.' He seems fine now, but what brought out "Mr Hyde" I don't know.

JEKYLL/HYDE UPDATE: I guess it was actually Lemur's 3rd visit to the vet. His previous trip was when he lost his manhood. Perhaps the shot in the butt triggered a flashback...

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