Friday, July 25, 2008

Where's Dowgie Howser When You Need Him??

Here's a blog entry I never expected to be posting -- I'm writing from a hospital bed at the moment. I got very sick on Wednesday, went home in the afternoon, felt increasingly worse, got an appointment to see my doctor with only 15 minutes notice (handy when your doctor is also your next door neighbor), and she sent me straight to the hospital.

Jaime saved the day big time by pestering me to go to the doctor, and extending her stay in South Bend while I've been poked and prodded for two days. Still clueless as to what's wrong, but from all descriptions of the pain, it's a lot like a kidney stone.

So who knew hospitals had wireless internet BTW? Jaime, Leslie and Shannon came over to hang out, I chatted on the phone, and am now playing on the computer -- were it not for the IV in my arm, and the good pain drugs they're giving me (always a silver lining), it would seem like any other day this summer.


j's mom said...

Please get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers (well, mine at least) are for a speedy recovery. I have not told the dad about your hospital stay. Would not want to excite him too much. I hope you are out of there by tomorrow.

Sue said...

the doctor said I could blame Jaime for giving me the milkshake that started this whole cascade, so I am indeed chalking it up to an attempt by the Ullinger hit squad!

(your daughter saved me BTW, she is a true sweetie!)