Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Shit (Literally)!!

Poor little Maz. A few days ago I took him to the vet because I noticed he wasn't lifting his tail when he went to the bathroom and was afraid the arthritis in his hips was getting worse. The images below show quite a different problem!!

Matzel has suffered from something called megacolon for years. He's on medicine for it. However, because he's had several rounds of being impacted, the nerves in the region are deadened.

This time around, he wasn't really acting sick (indeed, quite the opposite at times, playing with his 'brothers' rather rambunctiously only a few nights ago). The vets and I audibly inhaled when we saw the xrays below.

He had 5 enemas, and meds to clean him out. Today he's back to his usual sweet pink-nosed self. Tomorrow he goes in to get his fluids checked, and Monday he will have a subtotal colectomy. Apparently for about 6 weeks he'll have to get used to the sensation of eating and going to the bathroom very soon thereafter. The end of the intestine expands a bit after awhile, and he'll eventually get back to going about 2-3 times a day.

He'll have to be enclosed in a small area until that happens. Yesterday I bought a big dog cage, so he can at least be around me and the other cats while he recoups.

Poor little guy. Prepare to cringe, here's a side and top view of just how impacted he was. Yes, what you're looking at is all poop!!

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Jaime said...

Poor Matzel! Please tell him that I hope he feels better soon. Although, he certainly has to feel better already if that thing is now out of his body. Good god.