Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scary Prospects

Today's Israeli elections make me nervous. There's a new ultra-right wing nationalist group - called "Israel Our Homeland" Party - who believe no Arabs can be trusted and make no bones about saying so - including Arab Israeli's. They are so extreme, they make Bebe Netanyahu look like a reasonable choice. Which he's not. Sadly, it seems quite likely that Bebe will win, and the ultra-nationalists will get a big showing in the Knesset.

Iran better be paying particular attention (which also scares me, since their president is a few chickpeas short of a falafel). Syria can't be resting easy either I would think.

Just about the time Jimmy Carter says we can have peace in the region (I've 'captured' the book, but have not yet read it), along come these elections. I'm worried.

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