Monday, March 2, 2009

I've Been Remiss

I've been a bad blogger, and have been duly chastised by my father. So, here's an update on life of late:

1. Matzel is doing great! He's like a new cat. He's perky, purring up a storm, hardly seems to notice the giant incision on his belly. He even looks different when viewed from the side. He had the physique of a cat who'd birthed a couple dozen litters. While there's a pouch of loose skin, he looks like he's lost half his body weight. I am so glad I did this operation - messiness for the next few weeks aside.

2. I've started a 3-hour a day writing schedule. I'd give myself a B- at sticking to it, but it's definitely gotten me back into working on the monks. Kinda fun from that standpoint. And, I've decided that my trip to Mongolia will be my Full Professor gift to myself, so have some inspiration. I've hung up brochures in each place that I write to keep me motivated.

3. Saturday night I went out to dinner at NOMA's and then to the symphony. Heard an awesome classical guitarist. The South Bend Symphony is really quite good, we are lucky have such a quality group in a city of this size. Indeed, I was so inspired by my evening out, that I came home and bought tickets to an upcoming Stomp show in April

4. Today was the memorial service for Michael Signer. It was absolutely packed. A heartwarming service, particularly the eulogy by the chair of Theology. The gathering accomplished what Michael's career was all about - interfaith conversation. He brought together a large group of friends to celebrate his life, and mourn his passing far too early.

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