Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Bit TOO Eventful

Our second full day of class was hopefully a fluke. Jaime was giving a lecture this morning and one of the students got up to presumably go to the bathroom. They then heard two loud, terrible clunking sounds, and walked out of the seminar room to find the student face-down on the stair landing. She apparently passed out and went down head (face) first. Police, parametics, an ambulance ride, and an emergency room visit later, she was cleared and came back to the lab. Pretty bruised up and apparently looking forward to several forthcoming days of some notable pain from the fall but otherwise ok.

I wasn't there, Jaime handled this one on her own. And Shannon went over to the hospital and stayed with the student till she came back to the lab. Real testimony to what a good team can do. I'd better be careful....clearly they don't need me around anymore!

Most of the students stayed in the lab during their lunch break to "work on the stations," but I think it was really to make sure their new lab partner was okay. An encouraging sign of group cohesion so early in the program.

After lunch was my turn to lecture, and my computer crashed. Dead. Gone. A quite uncommon occurrance for a Mac, and one that I had a tough time equating with reality. I feel somehow betrayed. Fortunately we had a copy of the talk elsewhere and I gave it on another computer. But I have to say, I almost threw up my hands and said "go home, the Bab edh-Dhra' curse is in full swing today."

The dead computer explains the lack of an action figure with this post. Hopefully I can get it corrected tomorrow. We can't let the Gomorah-ites win!

To round out the day, there was a tornado warning for part of the evening, and south of us they reported softball sized hail.


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,
After a complete study of your most recent blob, I believe I have the solution to your sleep problems. It would seem you have employed a certain lecturer that has the unique ability to put students in a somnambulistic state causing them to leave class and fall down flights of stairs for no natural reason. If you would have this lecturer tape her lessons, you could listen to them each night and your sleep problems will disappear.
Of course this is only a suggestion

Jaime said...

If I must clarify what REALLY happened -- (although I am surprised, Sven, that you didn't realize this from the start) -- I didn't put the student to sleep, but so stunned her with amazing ideas that she was blinded my greatness and couldn't see the stairs.

Sue said...

I'm going with explanation #2. I mean, come on, it WAS a lecture about teeth. What's not to be dazzled by???!