Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Bytes

On a Short Leash -- Did you hear about that Buddhist couple who're never more than 15 feet apart? Well, we tried it
By David Plotz and Hanna Rosin, June 2, 2008

West Virginia, Incest Virginia? How the Mountain State got a reputation for inbreeding
By Juliet Lapidos;, June 3, 2008

Website Lets You Send a Post-Rapture E-Mail to Friends 'Left Behind'
By Kevin Poulsen
June 03, 2008

Secrets of the 7 Basic Blog Posts
By Lore Sjöberg;, June 3, 2008

Zombie babysitters: Not-quite-dead caterpillar victims do child care for their killers
By Susan Milius
June 3rd, 2008

The Science of Sarcasm (Not That You Care)
By Dan Hurley;, June 3, 2008

How Sugar Changed the World
By Heather Whipps,
02 June 2008

Domain of the dead
By Bruce Bower;, May 29th, 2008

Court Claim: Chimps Are People, Too
By Jeanna Bryner
29 May 2008

After millennia, Baghdad Jews dwindle to a fearful handful
By Stephen Farrell;, June 1, 2008

Why Are Senior Female Scientists So Heavily Outnumbered by Men?
By Aaron Rowe
May 31, 2008

Talking Distractions: Why Cell Phones And Driving Don't Mix
ScienceDaily, Jun. 1, 2008

Audubon’s insect cafeteria
By Janet Raloff
May 23rd, 2008

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