Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yay Me!

According to my on-line longevity test, I'm at the halfway point today. Time for a mid-life crisis. I'm getting my house painted and bathroom refinished - that's comparable to a flashy new sports car, no?? I went to Antarctica in January...sort of like a (really) southern Club Med vacation, n'est pas??? And apparently I'm now writing kinky posts (see below)...albeit, unwittingly.

On that note, Mike H. pointed out a website called (I'm not making this up) - - where you can purchase themed tee shirts, baseball caps, etc. The story giving rise to said merchandise is also linked. Apparently my cat's head/butt switch-a-roo isn't so unique an occurrence after all. Pretty funny story (the diagrams help)...tho it does beg the question as to how Mike knew about the site in the first place...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!


j's mom said...

Happy Birthday
Just when I think your skeletons can't get any better, you post today's. I enjoy your creativity. Or is it Mac's?
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Forty six years ago today,
a little girl burst on the scene to say,
I'll be a professor at a famous university someday,
Forty six years ago today.

It happened in a Georgia town,
We were all so happy there was not a frown,
We new her goals were very sound.
Forty six years ago today

Her mom and dad said I'll bet she's right,
She seems to be very bright,
To many she'll be a guiding light.
It happened.
Forty six years ago today.

She worked much harder than most,
To all who know her she was the towns toast,
The other students couldn't come close,
And it began,
Forty six years ago today.

As it happened she achieved it all,
None of her feats were considered small,
She worked and worked to answer her call.
For Forty six years today.

Now for all the great stuff she's done,
There is one thing that stands as number one
It isn't the triumphs, awards or fun,
It's the great friends she's made and won.
For forty six years today.

As her parents see her, there's not a cloud,
In her sky of blue, 'cause they're so proud,
She's done more than all the others in her crowed,
and it began,
Forty six years ago today.

And they are so proud that her life is sound,
As they stand and look around,
All they wanted for her, she has found
and it all began
Forty six years ago today

Love and Happy Birthday

Sue said...

Melissa -- thanks for the birthday wishes.

J's Mom -- I can rarely take much more credit than tweeking the action figures. Once in a blue moon I draw one, but the vast majority of the time I blatantly steal the creativity of others (tho' do give credit on the page).

Dad -- thanks for the sweet poem. Shame that you forgot I am only 41 however...

Michael Homan said...

I swear I thought you were older than 46. Damn, now I feel bad about my accomplishments. Can't you relax a bit? And halfway?... are you supposed to live to be 92? How many cats will you have when you're 92? Happy Birthday Sue.

Sue said...

Right. So exactly how many books have you written? Kids raised? Courses a freaking disaster zone? Countries visited? Friends made? Decades married? I might have you beat on the "cats rescued" front, but that's about it.

Supposedly 92 - I guess in another 46 years we'll see how accurate the on-line longevity test really was I'll have likely run out of skeleton action figures by then, so might not be blogging with such regularity -- but I'll be sure to check in (if I can) to verify said prediction ;-)