Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic Convention

New 'games' started tonight...and if the rest of the week is as good at tonight, it'll be fun to watch. Ted Kennedy's speech was touching, pretty amazing he could do it while undergoing chemo and radiation.

And Michelle Obama hit the ball out the park IMHO. After watching her and hearing the glowing praise of the commentators on MSNBC, I did something quite brave on my part I think...turned to Fox "News". With the good fortune to hit the beginning of Karl Rove's analysis. He didn't think she did particularly well -- all I could think was "same planet, different worlds."

I was sadly struck by the number of commentators on both channels that began their analysis by commenting on her dress, her hair, how her outfit blended with the background colors, etc. No double standard there tho', cuz I'm sure they'll likewise comment on how handsome Barack looks in his suit, whether the pattern of his tie works on the video monitor, that his hair looks well coiffed.


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