Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Day

Had a very nice day -- got up kinda early to some great weather. Picked up my results from the biopsies, everything's negative. I thought I wasn't particularly worried because breast fibromas run in my family, but given how good I felt when I read the reports, apparently it was weighing on my mind a bit.

Did a bunch of work on papers that Jaime, Lesley and I are getting ready to submit, which tho' it doesn't sound exciting, felt good because they're close to done. Done is good.

Then I lined up painters for my house, which I'd been procrastinating about all summer. I'm pretty psyched about the new color - hope it looks as good in reality as it does in my head ;-) Since I was in Niles, I also headed to my favorite bead store (around here), and found some fun stuff. Might have to be creative this evening while I watch the BMX races.

On that note -- I saw the prelims last night - one guy dislocated his shoulder and damaged his hand badly in a crash, but got back on his bike and finished the race. Bodaciously gnarly, dude!

I've decided that I want to study Olympic athletes' bones from now on -- watching the stresses the male gymnasts put on their arms on the rings and uneven bars, the pounding the women's legs take on floor exercises - their joints must be a mess by the time they're 40! Talk about some fun paleopathology (minus the paleo part ;-)

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