Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not So Shiny Medals

My Olympics Fever had a wet towel tossed on it tonight watching women's gymnastics. They've got 4 judges on the panel from countries that have never produced an Olympic gymnast, and boy did it show! The vaulting results were almost criminal.

And -- no tie scores in gymnastics??! It was really quite sad to watch the results for the uneven bars. Double medals are permitted in other sports, it seems such a shame that the same isn't true for the gymnasts.

It was pretty interesting to hear the commentators tonight talk about the disparities in scoring for the uneven bars, as well as the questionable rules about breaking a tie score. Yet I can't help but wonder if the real issue is that the gold medalist in that event should not have been competing at all. I hate to seem crass -- but if she is 16, I'm 29. Let's see a good set of dental x-rays -- I'd be surprised if her second molars have fully erupted. Where's a dental anthropologist when you need one??

Argh! They've stripped medals from women who show up XY in genetics tests in the past - clearly not understanding basic developmental biology - but they can't figure out a way to check on possibly forged passports?? I think some remedial biology classes might be in order for the IOC members...

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