Saturday, August 9, 2008

ND at the Olympics

The first American gold medal at the Beijing Olympics went to a ND student, Mariel Zagunis for sabre fencing! There are a total of 9 ND students/alums in the Olympics this summer, in soccer, fencing, and track. They are: Kelley Hurley, Gerek Meinhardt,Mariel Zagunis, Thomas Chamney, Shannon Boxx, Candace Chapman, Kate Markgraf, Selim Nurudeen, and Melissa Tancredi (a former Anthro major!)

The ND webpage has several features on the Olympics - one highlighting the competitors, and two others highlighting ND faculty who work in China (one of em is Susan Blum in Anthro). Check it out at:


j's mom said...

I read somewhere that Mariel is an anthropology major as well.
I knew I knew that name from the last Olympics and told the resident cult member of this house that ND scored again when I heard she had won. I also read that she had taken a few semesters off to train. I guess when you have the capability of gold they let you do whatever you want and welcome you back with open arms.

Michael Homan said...

I can't figure out what "ND" stands for. Is it some "science" acronym, or maybe some obscure anthropological language/culture, like Neanderthal Doxyciliconosphere?