Friday, December 5, 2008


I was listening to Bush's comments today at the Brooking's Institute and so utterly disgusted by the blatant lying I found myself talking/yelling at the television. Below are two of his gems from today's speech.

To think that that we have to put up with 6 more weeks of this crap makes me apoplectic!!

• The Middle East is a much safer place now thanks to him. Over 100,000 dead Iraqis might dispute this interpretation. The Palestinians he ignored for the past 7 years might have a word or two to say as well. The Lebanese, whose cities we allowed to be bombed without raising an eyebrow a few years back, may likewise raise their hands to say "ummm, not so much." It's so untrue, it's like listening to him tell us the Earth is flat with a straight face.

• He claims he said numerous times that there was no connection between Sadam and 9/11 -- except that he did say exactly that, many, many times. Thank God for Rachael Maddow, the Daily Show, etc. who show clips from 2004 where he repeatedly states a connection, a direct connection, between Iraq and 9/11.

A recent article in Time outlines this lame duck period. The concluding paragraph captures the disaster that was this presidency nicely...and far more eloquently than my rant above:

In the end, though, it will not be the creative paralysis that defines Bush. It will be his intellectual laziness, at home and abroad. Bush never understood, or cared about, the delicate balance between freedom and regulation that was necessary to make markets work. He never understood, or cared about, the delicate balance between freedom and equity that was necessary to maintain the strong middle class required for both prosperity and democracy. He never considered the complexities of the cultures he was invading. He never understood that faith, unaccompanied by rigorous skepticism, is a recipe for myopia and foolishness. He is less than President now, and that is appropriate. He was never very much of one.

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