Thursday, December 11, 2008

Resolution Time

Today we had the College Christmas party, great to see some old friends. And get some good advice. Of note, one friend mentioned that this year he'd started a "50 Things I've Never Done Before" list to liven life up a bit. As expected, it was fun. But he also pointed out that it made him more self-reflective, causing him think about things he did on a daily basis (and how to change 'em up). I'm stealing it. Sounds like a great New Year's resolution.

If you have ideas of things to do/try, let me know.

Completely unrelated -- as I looked over my collection of Christmas Skeleton Action Figures, I realized I have more than I could use in one lifetime. So, I'm starting a 12 Days of Christmas image, in order to move thru them. By the time I'm 80, I may have made a dent!


Michael Homan said...

Sue, here's something you've never done before: shave your cats and use the hair to make a ND sweater.

Sue said...

I'll put that on the list for consideration.