Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scandinavian Christmas

I've been delinquent of late. Bad cold and preparations for the Dept Christmas party at my house kept me busy. And finals, with grading to commence today.

So, by way of summary, Friday night I attended the annual Scandinavian Christmas party at Michael & Doug's. And ate lutefisk for the first time - which is definitely going on my "50 New Things" list because, not to insult my hosts, but it was aweful. Not the taste, the consistency. Comparable to snot. Them Norwegians musta been pretty hungry to eat that stuff. It's codfish soaked in lye - yep, tastes as good as it sounds. Blech.

Michael also introduced the St. Lucy crown to the festivities (since it was her feast day) which is documented below (I took the pictures with my phone, not so good I'm afraid). We all had to wear it for a time, and were supposed to sing a song, do a little dance, and/or tell a story while donning the crown. Only Max cooperated (last picture).


Lesley said...

If you could only get Wiley to wear a cat-sized St. Lucy crown, Christmas would really be complete.

p.s. I'm hoping for a photo of this to appear on your blog ASAP

Sue said...

I'm not sure there's a small enough setting for Wiley's big head, but I'll check with Michael. You're right, it would be the cat's to speak.

J's mom said...

I just finished listening to the Dec. 7 podcast of A Prairie Home Companion. Garrison Keillor has a short bit about lutefisk in this podcast. Pretty funny, and echoes your description. I think I'll keep it off my list of things to do.