Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's He Thinking??

I heard tonight that Pastor Rick Warren is giving the invocation at the Inauguration. That would be Pastor Rick - ardently-anti-gay-marriage - Warren of Prop 8 fame. Nice slap in the face to those in the gay community who voted for Obama. In large numbers.

I think this is taking the whole 'reach across the isle' thing a bit too far. What's next, appointing the twit that runs Focus on the Family as a religion advisor? Joined perhaps by the boys that wrote the "Left Behind" series. How far is too far a reach?? Seems a bad move all around. Maybe somebody should throw a shoe??


Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

For the record, the deleted message was an add for Comcast. Not sure how they did it, but I killed it. Schmucks.