Saturday, September 1, 2007

No Joy In Mudville

They said this would be a 3 point that right. Notre Dame scored 3 points -- Georgia Tech, 33. Pretty painful to watch. Just about as boring as a game can get too -- run, run, run,, run,,run, run, punt.

I finally gave up the ghost mid-3rd quarter, fair weather fan that I am. Coach Weis is gonna have some 'splainin to do.


Michael Homan said...

Sue, I wasn't able to catch the game. Did Notre Dame really lose to City College Metro Georgia Boondock Tech High? I'm confused by your post. The internets keep telling me that Michigan's loss was the greatest upset in college football history. I've never heard of City College Metro Georgia Boondock Tech High. Are they any good? Why didn't the Touchdown Jesus coach just put in Rudy? Was he eating candy bars when these key decisions needed to be made? Is this all because of the new pope? Is the our lady the Virgin Mary upset by you making fun of creationists? So many questions. On a more positive note, both Nebraska and LSU both won handily, as they should on opening day against wussy teams.

Sue said...

When you're right, you're right. I hadn't thought of that mocking the creationists might be the cause, maybe if I go light several candles in the grotto???

Jaime said...

There was no joy. No joy at all. We were 4 alumnae watching together, lamenting that we have been on an emotional roller coaster time and time again with this team.

When 3 of us bailed (all '99 grads) with 10 minutes still left in the 4th quarter, Lesley decided to tough it out. Luckily, she had people to sit with - the husbands of said grads were pretty comfy on the couches with beer. Although they like to say that their pre-nups all contained ND-gear-wearing clauses (and except for the Nebraska grad, they were wearing ND paraphernalia), I think they still revel in our defeat.


Sue said...

'Twas a sad campus indeed today (Monday). Pretty quiet weekend. Even the students living next door didn't party...hey, maybe there's a silver lining to a defeat??!!!