Saturday, September 8, 2007


I spent much of the day working in the yard. 'Tis a smidge overgrown ('smidge' defined as: tropical rain forest so dense that new species never seen by human eyes may be living in it). It was quite hot, so many trips inside to cool off. On one trip, I found the cats cuddled up together all cute n' stuff, so I laid down to pet them for a "few minutes."

When I awoke, the sun was down, and the football game was half over. Turns out that spared me twice the pain. They mixed it up a bit this week. Instead of their run-run-run-punt strategy of last week, they used the old run-run-fumble and run-run-offsides along with run-run-run-get hit in the head with your own punt play scheme. Quite entertaining...if you were a Penn State fan!!

Oh well, at least Michigan stinks this year too. 'Course next week when we play them, one of the teams will get their first win. I know where I'd put my money...


Jaime said...

That football skull seriously freaks me out.

Sue said...

Tell me it's not appropriate for that dumbheaded play when the guy ran down the field and got bonked in the head with his own punt. I think a football skull says it all!!