Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Told You So, I Told You So

To all the students who were ever in Osteology...and's a blurb that was just on the news ("Maureen's Medical Moment" -- does it get any more authoritative than that??):

Flip Flop Warning
Millions of people across the country wear flip flops every day, but some doctors say that footwear choice could come at the expense of your feet. Flip flops do not have the cushioning or support of regular shoes. Doctors say that forces our feet into a toe gripping, foot slapping stride. This can result in hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and inflamed Achilles tendons.

"We're seeing many more young patients with problems--pain in their fore foot, pain in their heel, tendonitis because of flip flops," said Dr. Christian Royer, orthopedic surgeon. "[I’ve] experienced a lot of foot pain to the point that I could not wear shoes to work in, [I] was walking around in tennis shoes, even in my place of business," said Dana Walker, patientBut it is not just flip flops that concern doctors. Ballet flats are just as bad.


Jaime said...

True confession - I know how awful they are, and I still wear them. I got plantar fasciitis in Arizona because the weather permitted me to wear them year-round.

And yet, I just. can't. stop.

My dream is that one day they will make them with the support of real shoes. Or maybe they do, and I'm too cheap to buy them...

Sue said...

Well, at least I've done my motherly duty... They're your feet, do what you want ;-)