Monday, September 24, 2007

What The ??

Today my calendar said it was the second day of Fall, however the weatherman said we hit a record high of 92°. Something does not compute.

And apparently we are 21 point underdogs to Purdue this weekend. With a record of 0-4 on the season thus far. This REALLY does not compute.

Clearly, we are trapped at the nexus of a dilation/warp/rift in the fabric of the space-time continuum. That's my theory, I'm stickin' with it...


Michael Homan said...

Maybe it has to due with Indiana's bastardization of daylight savings time.

Sue said...

HELL-OOO, we've joined the masses and converted to normal daylight savings time. I got spoiled by 15 years of not having to change my clock. Don't they realize the hardship?? I mean, think of the poor cows who didn't know it was coming!!!

And by we, I of course mean most of the State. There are still a few counties that opted to stay with Central time, but some do so illegally. Rebels.