Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Next One

Just how long is this interview?? Apparently in tomorrow's installment, Palin's not able to provide an example of a Supreme Court decision other than Rowe v Wade. Gotcha journalism, obviously. How many people would know about Dred Scott, Brown v Board of Education, Bush v Gore....

But that's tomorrow, here's today's. She doesn't really flub up in this one (by comparison), just comes out with some disturbing views - no abortions for any reason, Creationism as a valid theory that should be taught in the classroom, etc. Oh yeah, and she mocks Joe Biden's age...Joe Biden, the guy who is 6 years younger than her running mate. Plus there's the newspapers/magazine question that she couldn't answer - again another tough one.

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Michael Homan said...

Come on Sue, this is textbook gotcha journalism and sexist. Seriously, how many of could actually name a news source without looking up the name? And I'm not even sure what a Supreme Court is, let alone able to name a case. And I'm a man, biologically CREATED to "rule over" the woman (Genesis something something). You science elitists and your "dinosaurs didn't coexist with humans" theories obviously don't like her because she is from a small town and because she is a woman. Plus, many of her answers are "on the spot." For example, if there was a camera rolling and Katie "Gotcha" Couric there with a microphone in your face, what if she asked you how many ASOR awards could you name? Do you think you'd come off well?

Sue said...

FINE, I got the hint! Awards are on the list of things to do today and tomorrow!!!

(actually, I laughed out loud when I got to the end of your rant, but I'd never want to encourage you, so forget I just said that).