Monday, September 8, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Shannon came to the lab today as a surprise (for me anyway, apparently everyone else knew). When she first walked in, I simply said "hi" because it seemed so natural. It took a minute to realize..."no, wait, she graduated."

Hugs all around. She's on the way to New Jersey (by way of Chicago ??) to start her new job.

Since she was there, we put her to work. Mary and Diana got her to help grade a few article summaries, Mark & Danielle needed help finding a bone, and I got her to show Diana how to use the bindng machine. The passing of the torch to yet another generation...thus keeping me from needing to learn how to use it for another 2 years ;-)


Jaime said...

How fortuitous that Diana knows how to work the binding machine now!

Sue said...


Alicia said...

You know, by not learning how to use it you are missing out on what may be THE most fun you could have the lab.

I am glad the joy is being spread to others, however.

Sue said...

I'm just that kinda gal, share share share ;-)