Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin's Foreign Policy Interview

(that's my skull exploding to the right, in case the image isn't clear)

Did your parent's get you your passport?? Do you have to be rich and spoiled to be curious about the world beyond our borders?? Does not her answer to the question about why she's only had a passport for one year not a CLEAR example of elitism??

For all her stumbles in this interview (to the point of being painful to watch), I found her willingness to speak for the desire of all people around the world to live in a democracy the most worrisome. Who needs anthropologists, our work here is done. And her non-answer about the democratic process in Palestine resulting in the election of Hamas?? Did she really talk about foreign policy in terms of good guys and bad guys?? Are we in kindergarten?? Oiy!!

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Yorke said...

I think that is the best interview yet, thanks for putting that up!

Sue said...

I agree, if by best you mean worst, and if you don't count Tina Fey. She wins hands down...by simply repeating Palin's own words ;-)