Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time for Summer to Be Done

I have to say, I HATE humidity!!! Today I 'swam' to class, and the walking barometer that is my hair proved it was a humid day. Yuck.

I blame Lesley. She was here all last week spending some quality time with the bones, and so I could catch a lift to class. But after 6 days, she hightailed it back to Columbus leaving me high and not-so dry. Meany!


Jaime said...

She's always been a jerk.

Although, I did get a ride tonight to Caribou from her. Ha ha.

Ironically enough, however, half the power went out and there is no a/c. But, that is actually a good thing because it is usually SO cold in here that we bring sweaters even when it's 90 outside.

Sue said...

I know, so selfish. As to the a/c going out, all I can say is I hope her hair frizzes!!!

Jaime said...

The power went completely out, and so we had to leave Caribou. I have a feeling it might be because it's pretty hot here, and Clintonville probably can't handle all that power going to a/c.

We went to my house because I have a/c, so we're nice and cool now.

Thank goodness my block didn't lose power!