Monday, September 29, 2008

Republicans Come Forward Against Palin

Because I want to be able to sleep at night regardless of the outcome in November, I recently volunteered for the Obama campaign, and plan to be rather vocal about Palin's lack of qualification. So, on that note here are some recent opinions from notable Republicans on said issue -- the first is an op-ed by a female conservative writer for The Nation (Kathleen Parker), the second an editorial by conservative author (David Brooks), third is a former Bush speech writer (David Frum), and the final by George Will.

Although they have been dismissed mockingly as "intellectuals" (ironically, by William Bennett - former Secretary of Education under Reagan, a Willams College and Harvard Law School grad, with a Ph.D. in Philosophy), methinks it shows a widening realization in the Republican party by thinking people.

Palin Problem: She’s out of her league
By Kathleen Parker
The, Sept. 26, 2008

Why Experience Matters
September 16, 2008

David Frum: Palin the irresponsible choice?
by David Frum,
National Post, August 29, 2008

George Will: What has McCain found in Sarah Palin?
By GEORGE F. WILL, Sep. 4, 2008


siduri1 said...

You're awesome.

Sue said...

Today I heard on NPR that an FBI agent wanted to track hummus consumption to monitor increased terrorist activity - the two being so clearly related. You're obviously gonna be on his list, what with your radically titled blog 'n all ;-)

Would that I were making this up...