Thursday, January 8, 2009


Sorry for the protracted silence, my computer went in for some 'brain surgery.'

I heard a great bit on NPR this morning about amblyopia. For years I've joked in class that I'm not a true primate because I don't have stereoscopic vision, and am always asked "so what does that look like??" Well, that's kinda hard to answer since I've never seen otherwise, but I usually resort to saying "close one eye and walk around outside for awhile."

Today's story did a GREAT job of describing the phenomenon, and about some new research in the area. Like me, the reporter was born with the disorder, as well as crossed eyes. An operation straightened the eye, but since the brain couldn't fuse the two images it receives, it learned long ago to shut down one eye, thus leaving the world rather flat.

Worth a listen, pretty cool (tho' I might be biased):

Learning to see in stereo, Jan 8, 2009
Morning Edition

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