Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've been like a moth to a flame watching all the festivities. I gave my students a group of questions to answer about today's events, so I flipped back and forth between MSNBC and FOX much of the day taking notes. Subtle but significant differences between the two, really quite amazing. And said with some contempt for both stations at times, I must admit.

Nevertheless, it was a glorious day. I'm very hopeful. Just looking at the diversity and size of the crowd is awe-inspiring. I really wish I'd ventured to D.C., despite all the difficulties. I know I had a much better view on TV, but something was missing. I had the opportunity to attend several Watch Parties today, but decided I'd like to have the time alone to really take in what I was viewing -- maybe that was a mistake, indeed it seems something that should be shared and celebrated in a crowd perhaps. Live and learn.

Right now, I'm watching the Obama's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, and am scared to death. GET BACK IN THE HERMETICALLY-SEALED CAR!! People keep drawing parallels between Obama and Lincoln, Kennedy, and/or King...and all I can think is, they shared one thing in common beyond brilliance. GET BACK IN THE CAR!!

On a day of otherwise unsurpassed glee, I have to admit to one disappointment. I went to check my Bush countdown clock, hoping for fireworks or something (Stephen Colbert threatened that it would explode) -- nothing but zeros. Admittedly, that's a gift unto itself, but still, I wanted a little fanfare.


Lesley said...

That's really funny, considering that when I went into the OSU anthropology office yesterday, the secretaries were both watching the parade online and were screaming the same thing!

Sue said...

I KNOW!!! What were they thinking?? My heart can't take that kind of pressure!!