Friday, January 16, 2009

Battlestar Countdown

Still cold as can be here...but I'm too busy counting down the minutes 'til Battlestar's final (sniff) season premiers.

Tonight: the final cylon will be revealed. I can't stand the anticipation ;-)

UPDATE: Boy was that FRAKIN' good!!! (Can I say "fraking" in a post?? I sure hope my parents can't figure out what it means in Galactic-ese...) If the rest of the season is like tonight, it's gonna be a fun ride!!


Lesley said...

Awesome! Jaime and I could NOT believe what happened to Dee - intense. Chief's vision was pretty cool too. A little underwhelmed by the identity of the 5th cylon, but definitely a good episode.

Jaime said...

The first few minutes were a little anti-climactic, but then we were just waiting to see what was going on and I kept asking "What was the deal with Dee and Hera? When are they going to come back and explain why we saw that?" And then - the answer.

And, if she's the 5th, what in the world is Starbuck?

Sue said...

And much more importantly...what is the distinguishing feature of a cylon skeleton?? How do they know?? Forensic anthropology on the Battlestar, what do ya know?!

Jaime said...

It seemed to be a chemical test. It wasn't until they "tested" the bones that they could determine that they were Cylon.

Or, perhaps it was the way that they were still articulated despite being skeletonized?

Oh wait, was that a rhetorical question?

Jaime said...

The best part of the show was when we "knew" what Starbuck would find if she rolled over the cruiser. Lesley says "What will it be - a skeleton with a blond wig?" And then almost fell off the couch laughing, when indeed, it was.