Thursday, January 22, 2009


I found a fun new application today, let's you posterize yourself in the style of the iconic Obama "Hope" poster. Go to

And if that wasn't good enough, today my new boots came in.

Admittedly, I have great boots from my Antarctica trip, but they are overkill for a whole day - which is the length of time I have to wear 'em on teaching days because I don't have a place to store them. These are much lighter-weight.

Plus...they have skulls all over them (in case you can't make out that fact from the picture). They are even better than the pair I bemoaned missing out on two Decembers ago.

Class-y. Michelle Obama WISHES she had a pair!


Yorke said...

I know Mo wishes she has a pair (not necessarily with skulls). And the poster thing is a great idea.

Sue said...

Why bother, if no skulls??