Friday, January 9, 2009

Stargate News

I was surprised by the end of tonight's "Stargate Atlantis" to realize that it was the series finale, not just the end of the season. In my grief, I went online, to find out that - yippee - there is a third Stargate series on the way, due to start this summer. In my glee I created this little skull graphic.

Get ready Jaime and Lesley...should start in time for the Field School ;-)

Here's the AP blurb:

The third show to spin-off the hit Sci-Fi series 'Stargate SG1' was Green-Lighter a day after the announcement that Stargate Atlantis will be canceled after it's fifth season run. Stargate Universe will premiere with a 2 hour movie in 2009 and land in a regular time slot next summer, at least one known actor will join the cast along with new fresh faces.

After unlocking the mystery of the Stargate's ninth chevron, a team of explorers travels to an unmanned starship called the Destiny, launched by The Ancients at the height of their civilization as a grand experiment set in motion, but never completed.


Jaime said...

Um. No.

Sue said...

Plus, there's a Stargate Atlantis movie coming. I know you secretly can't wait!

Lesley said...

Oh Jaime, don't pretend that you aren't jumping out of your seat as we speak ;)

But seriously...Ronan coming back to life? Kinda lame.

Sue said...

Agreed. That was a power we'd never seen from the Wraith, seemed a bad time to introduce it. They could've at least waited till the movie to bring him back to life ;-)

Jaime said...

How is it possible that I even know either of you?