Friday, March 7, 2008

Cool Present

Mike H. sent me a great tee-shirt today. I'm not sure what I did to warrant such kindness, but it warms my little heart. I'll be the focus of considerable envy in my department ;-)

Is it to make up for all the snide monkey/ape jokes over the years? Might it be compensation for the relentless Notre Dame football bashing this Fall (every Fall)?? Has he discovered the beauty of 'science' and can't directly tell me in words?? Could it be because of my new power-wielding position as the Chair of the Awards committee for ASOR?? I am perfectly willing to accept bribes, so well done Dr. Homan ;-)

Mabruke and Todah Abu Gilgamesh/Kalypso.


Michael Homan said...

There was a mistake. Please send it back to the Homan house. Sorry for any confusion.

Sue said...

Nope, I already wore it so it has Sue-cooties all over it.

Sue said...

I actually meant "Shukran and Todah" -- been away from Jerusalem for too long!