Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Presidential" Honors

Notre Dame is giving Martin Sheen an honorary degree this May, it might be worth honoring my contractual agreement this year by attending Commencement ;-) He's winning a medal, not so much for his acting but for his work as a Catholic activist. (I'm sure all the ND sweatshirts on the West Wing didn't hurt...;-)

Notre Dame Honors Activist-Actor Sheen


Jaime said...

This is kind of exciting to me. Although, he's getting an award for making the public aware of certain issues. And to be honest, I don't know if I'm not in the right demographic or something, but I didn't know the specific issues he was working with.

I knew he was Catholic and did some stuff, but I never knew what it was exactly.

He had some good-looking kids though - I had some major crushes when I was little.

Sue said...

So, you're saying you don't think having good genes is enough reason for an honorary doctorate??

Lesley said...

when I graduated, Maria from Sesame Street got an honorary degree...the bar may not be set particularly high. just sayin'. :)

Sue said...

Are you two saying Catholic talent is hard to come by?? Are you bashing your own 'people'??