Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Bytes

Skeleton Shows Ancient Brain Surgery
March 12, 2008;

Heated hobbit debate takes new turn with thyroid theory
James Randerson; The Guardian, March 5 2008
I don't buy it. There's a nice summary of refutation at John Hawkes blog, entry titled "Hobbit cretin FAQ"

800 Dogs Seized From Mobile Home


Pint-Sized Primates Were First in North America
By Jeanna Bryner; 03 March 2008

Archaeologists find structures older than Pala Era in Bangladesh; March 5, 2008
This one's for Alicia

Discovery Challenges Finding of a Separate Human Species
By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD; March 11, 2008
Just gets interesting-er, and interesting-er.

Shroud Of Turin Accidentally Washed With Red Shirt

The Onion

Shroud Of Turin Accidentally Washed With Red Shirt

VATICAN CITY—The damage occurred when Pope Benedict XVI, who was on laundry duty, did not notice a brand new bright-red Hanes Beefy-T in the Holy Whirlpool washer.

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Jaime said...

I particularly like the decorated washing machine and dryer. We had a roommate in London that put those symbols on her jelly jar. Seriously.