Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cultdom Threatened

I'm about to say something that hopefully won't get back to Steve Jobs and thus threaten my high ranking Mac Cultdom standing -- I HATE the new iWeb!! I never thought I'd bash a Mac product, but there it is. I had our website for the NSF program all nicely made on the former version of the program, then they changed it and I had to redo almost the entire thing. And I'm still not sure it loads properly but am going to stop working on it for now to avoid the looming aneurism.

I didn't even have time to blog, THAT'S how much work it required!! Arrrggggh! Clearly a program designed by a PC spy in the Apple organization!

Here it is -- check it out on your computer, see if things look okay:


Jaime said...

My mom actually asked me if you were sick she was so concerned by the lack of blog entries.

At least you know we all have a way of keeping tabs on you!

Sue said...

Did you tell her you were working me to the bone?? (sorry, lame, I know)

Jaime said...