Saturday, November 29, 2008


I made the terrible mistake of downloading the game "Bejeweled Deluxe 2" to my iPhone, and well...this Thanksgiving Break has flown by. I've gotten lots of stuff done, but when not being productive...I've been hooked (admittedly, the icon to the left goes to another game, but it was the closest I could come to Bejeweled...with a skull).

When not staring at a tiny screen, I've managed to program my garage door and openers (made necessary after I washed my previous opener). Cleaned and moved stuff around in the study and several closets (made necessary because I'm hosting the departmental Christmas party in two weeks). Wrote a largely new Early Primate Evolution lecture (made necessary because I hate the topic and have thus avoided updating the material for awhile). And, wrote lots of letters of recommendation (....because I left 'em till the last minute).

AND, while cleaning the study I came across one of my old PowerBook G4 laptops - the one that I spilled a nearly full Diet Coke into as I was herding cats on the desk. I just assumed it was fried - had tried to restart it several times long ago, no luck. I've since had 3 new laptops. I pluggd it in, and it worked!! I'm updating it now, will take it to the lab tomorrow for student use.

I tell ya, these Mac laptops can take a likin' and keep on tickin'. I had a small 12" laptop that was dropped from about 3 feet and kept working tho' nicely dented. It was subsequented dropped again from an even higher location, a key popped off, the screen popped out, and the frame was even more dented. The little bugger started up again once I pushed the screen back in, we've been using it in the lab since. I'm thinking about starting a new reality show -- Extreme Mac.

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Jaime said...

You would definitely be a good host for said show. Although, some might turn you in for Mac abuse.... ;)