Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whoa!! Dodged a Bullet!!

I mean really -- I knew Palin was dim, and didn't hesitate to say so from the minute she was selected -- but now the stories are getting downright frightening.

What is particularly sad -- even if today's stories prove to be false -- is how willing people are to believe them because she so repeatedly proved herself to be incompetent. No sexism, no he said/she said - she totally did this to herself. She was not qualified for this position and didn't have the smarts (or humility) to recognize it. Nor did McCain apparently.

According to today's releases (from FOX!!!!), Palin didn't know:

• what countries compose North America (is this actually possible???)
• what countries are part of NAFTA
• that Africa is a continent and not a country
• asked if South Africa was part of that 'country'
• spent much more on clothes 'n such than the $150,000 we were told
• refused a briefing before the Couric interview (no trouble believing that one)

To be honest, it really is hard to believe that any adult American is really so stupid that they don't know what countries are in North America. I realize I live in an academic bubble most of the time, but I really have to wonder about the truth of that story.

Here's the link to the Fox report: Fox: Palin didn’t know Africa is a continent

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Love the article.

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