Saturday, November 22, 2008

Email Access (or Lack Thereof)

A quick note -- the internet access here at the Westin Boston Waterfront is truly awful, so if you've sent me an email and I haven't responded, now you know why. (fortunately the meetings are great and it's been a terrific visit).

Every time the computer goes to sleep or I close it to put away while I'm out, it loses the connection and requires calling the front desk, who transfers me to the internet provider, who then goes thru the same 4 steps (I guided the last guy to try to cut down on time), and then "guarantees" me that it'll work. Next time -- doesn't work. Apparently "guarantee" has a different meaning to them than I. Schmucks.

Anyway, I'm giving up the ghost cuz it's more than a bit frustrating (and wastes a half hour minimum each and every time). Talk to you in a few days. I will respond when I get out of here and to the airport on Sunday afternoon.

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Yorke said...

Funny, I had no problem with the free wi-fi in the lobby. But then, I'm not macworthy :-p