Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I hate to kick him while he's down (way down), but today's ceremony on the Intrepid seemed a slap in the face of many in uniform. Today George W. Bush was awarded the Intrepid Freedom Award, designed to recognize world leaders who embody the ideals of world freedom and democracy. I understand that his father served on that ship. And that it might be common to award the outgoing President with said award.

But don't we have to remember that this is the Administration that sanctioned torture, dispensed with habeas corpus, started the first war of aggression by America on a sovereign nation, suspended portions of the Geneva Conventions? I'm bypassing the whole set of Constitutional issues here, the above seems more than enough to call this award into question.

Seems a bitter pill to make the families of soldiers who died in Bush's Private Little War...not to mention the countless Iraqiis, who we seem to never actually talk about.

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