Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boston ASORs

I never got around to posting pictures n' such from the ASOR meetings. Oops.

They were terrific this year. Heard some very good talks (even found a few bone papers), and enjoyed getting together with friends. I arrived Thursday afternoon, went off to dinner with the Homan family unit and John K. We then ventured over to Harvard's Semetic Museum for a reception to honor Larry Stager, tho' cut out early because it was so crowded. The picture below is of Mike H, Justin L-T, Gabriele F, and Therese F.

Upon entering the museum I spotted a 4 room house reconstruction from the ancient Near East - permitting me to take a picture of something I'd spent quite a bit of time trying to hunt down on Google only days earlier (for a lecture on Bab edh-Dhra). This may sound quite boring...but I was pretty psyched at the discovery ;-)

The next day, I hit some talks in the morning. That afternoon I presented the ASOR Awards at the Members meeting, then off to dinner with John S. A cold cold walk, but well worth it - we went to "The Barking Crab" where we had some great Boston seafood. Clams, oysters, scallops, and Jonah crab claws -- mmmmm mmmmmmm good!!

Saturday I hit the biological anthro session in the morning, then off to explore Boston with Therese, Kalypso and Gilgamesh. Cold, cold, cold - a biting wind that made being outside pretty painful. We had planned to take a tour of Harvard - but we arrived a bit late, found out that there were 100 participants, and that it was an outdoor walking tour - the pastry shop next door got our vote instead.

As did Boston's big Apple store. I can check another one off the visitation list. Gil and Kaly played on the computers in the store while I purchased a thing or two...or three. Walking back we stopped at first public library opened in the US. Fun day, GREAT kids!!

Sunday morning Board meeting. Had to cut out an hour early to catch my flight -- Logan airport was dead quiet. The calm before the storm (Thanksgiving) I assume.

The pictures below are of Gil at the Apple store, Therese and I being dorks (we fit right in ;-), the Narnia-esque statue inside the library, Kaly outside the library, and an old church surrounded by skyscrapers - nice juxtaposition. All of the pictures are dark, I fear my little Cannon has bought the farm. It's old and has traveled the world, so it owes me nothing.


Michael Homan said...

It was great seeing you Sue in Boston.

Lesley said...

Looked like fun - I'm sorry I missed it!

Thanks for the fun postcard! I want to know all about the Mac store purchases...