Sunday, November 30, 2008

Started Bad...Got Worse

You know a game is in trouble when the first pass is intercepted. Especially after the trouncing we took last week. Sorry to end the season with a doofy looking football player, but it kind of sums up the end of this season. Better than last year I suppose.

They didn't get a first down until the final play of the 3rd quarter. And I'm not sure they ever got over 100 yards with the ball. It was clear that the USC wanted a shutout - it sure looked like they'd get their wish. So -- two games ago I found myself cheering for Navy because they were playing so much better than us. Last weekend I only caught a part of the 4th quarter - but that was enough. Syracuse?? Really??? And this week - glutton for punishment I guess.

Earlier this week, the news stations were playing a clip from Charlie Weis's first press conference where he emphatically stated that a 6-5 season was not acceptable - to the fans or to him. I wonder where 6-6 stands then...

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