Thursday, November 20, 2008

If At First...

I was scheduled to leave for Boston last night to attend the ASOR meetings. But alas, United Express had other plans.

When I checked in, the attendant said we might have a one hour delay due to high winds. While I was sitting in the terminal, the flight crew came in and the pilot told them we would have a one hour delay due to mechanical problems with the plane. After 2.5 hours, I realized that we would be landing (even with the extra hour time difference) about 40 minutes after my flight to Boston departed (the last of the evening), so went up front to see if I could get off the plane.

They were admittedly very nice about it. But interestingly enough, as they were getting me set up to fly out today, the attendant said the delay was a 'gate check' due to high traffic at O'Hare. Makes ya wonder....three reasons, same flight, double the length of the predicted delay.

At one point while I was getting my tickets for today, they reported that the flight was canceled. Then 10 minutes later, it was un-cancelled. By then, I was glad to be set up with tickets for an early morning departure, which went off without a hitch as it turns out.

It was a packed flight, since it was full of the folks from last night, as well as the people who got bumped when the 6:00 am flight was canceled.

And they wonder why no one likes the airlines....

But it was nice to be able to go back home to sleep rather than get stranded in Chicago. Unexpected kittie-cuddle time, no worries about packing, cleaning the house, etc.

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