Monday, October 8, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Today is another hot one! 88 again. Relative humidity was higher than the temperature I think. Antarctica is looking better and better (even if I do end up pecked to death by a flock of rabid penguins as Mike predicts...)

The weather is supposed to break tonight, which in the Midwest usually means big honkin' storms. Wiley is scared of thunder, so i have a feeling I'll have a hairy lug on my lap much of the evening (eat your heart out Yorke).


Yorke said...

ahem, just what one wants in the heat and humidity. You know what they say, "Its not the heat, its the big hairy heat generator in my lap!"

Sue said...

That's why God invented air conditioning, silly. I realize you've forgotten about such modern amenities living out in the desert, but here in the land of milk and honey, we can compensate for big hairy heat generators in ozone depleting comfort.